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Is VoIP the right solution for your business

Figuring things out is not exactly easy and figuring what to do or not when running a starting a business can make or break you without you even knowing about it. The thing is when your livelihood is on steak then everything matters even the small things like your telephone service. Tech is exactly what it is and for some people, it can get overwhelming and for some not. Technology has come such a far way and with each iteration of technological evolution so have the reliability factors been improved on. The telephone has also been improved on more specifically the technology that allows us the connectivity to one another. The telephone is still relevant today and is a must have no matter how sophisticated or advance the nature of the business. Other communication channels exist however the simplest and most readily available channel of communication is the telephone which is why you select the right connection type supporting it. The second channel would be anything and everything platform that connects to the Mediacom internet in turn connecting your customer to you.


Technology is prone to failure; there is simply no denying the fact except that technology will fail especially towards the end of its warranty period. At times though technology is more reliable than its human counterpart. If it can fail then it will fail and it truly cannot get simpler as said. When acquiring telephone services for your residence or commercial property it is recommended that you understand the technology which would be utilized at the backend. Many services providers exist that offer home telephone services however they are not all the same especially when what you need are raw traditional telephone services when viewed from a technological standpoint. The previous generation and the ones prior to them dependent upon it so does the president.


A majority of the telephone services offer what is known as a VoIP solution. These VoIP solutions rely on an internet connection to function and without connectivity to the internet are useless. Whereas traditional telephone services aren’t reliant on t internet connection and instead rely on a wired connection, which is prone to physical failure when compared to the more technical alternatives.

As with everything, there are always positive and negative to both sides of the equation when you have options and having options is welcomed inconvenience. VoIP connections are always going to be the preferred option when factoring coast as a priority similarly traditional telephone connections will be preferred in terms or reliability and quality. We all know that the internet can act funny at times leading to slowdowns and dis-connectivity and unfortunately, that is a known downside of the internet. The amount of data that flows through your network to and from the internet is insane. Network congestion is a common downside of VoIP options and tech has come a long way into offering something that is very much comparable to a traditional home telephone connection but still relies on the internet.

The downside to a traditional telephone would lie in the physical connectivity via wired insulation which has been transitioning from overhead to underground installation in order to avoid downtime of services. The same flaw presents itself with internet cabling and wires which are often found overhead.

Just as technology had evolved so has the implementation of that technology and its applications. Some brave souls have taken their business-related correspondence complete mobile relying solely on a smartphone. As the internet evolved so did social interactions, business owners have decided to reduce their cluster of services and utilities similar to how residents took to the movement of cutting the cord all throughout 2018. Google voice is essentially all you need to remain cost-effective and utilize the best of VoIP with a wide array of solutions including call forwarding. Businesses which rely upon telephonic communication such as restaurants could opt for either or since they also have a public presence but would benefit in the event of a power failure with traditional service due to functionality. A restaurant may not need two telephone connection but an office with multiple employees would benefit greatly with a primary VoIP setup such as Vonage and a backup hardwired telephone connection in case of failure as you would do with internet services.

Based on what you need as either as a commercial or residential consumer if you’re doing something that is depend on the internet and or telephone then a backup should be made available in case of failure. To some, it may be overkill while to others it makes complete sense just as you may differ on owning your own equipment. It’s also recommended to do your research for in order to properly understand the technology in play both in terms of your wireless router, modem, and the VoIP solution in place.

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