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Wanderlust Generation: The Real Reason Why Millennials Travel So Much

We can notice the repeated trend among our generation— the Millennials, are traveling so, so much. For most Millennials today, traveling is considered as their almost second nature. And instead of saving their money for a house, fancy cars, and for their future, more and more of them are saving up for a lengthy, cheap, impulsive trip across South American or Europe.

They would even consider working longer hours at their part-time jobs just to afford to get away once and awhile. Although most of them struggle in the present economy to make ends meet, additional space in their minds pushes them to explore new places and cultures.

What Studies Say

So why are Millennials so crazy about traveling? Current research found out that Millennials travel more than any other generation. According to The United Nations, an estimate of 20 percent of all international travelers are Millennials, roughly around 200 million people. The Global Portrait of Business Travelers of MMGY has found out that Millennials took 7.4 business trips in the previous year, on the other hand, Gen Xers took only 6.4 trips. Amazingly, Millennials get their inspiration from their peers who are off exploring the world. And surprisingly, the marketing ads that greatly pushed that generation’s decision to travel is from the originality and inspiration of social media influencers.

Millennials Look for Authentic Local Experience

Since our world became more industrialized, people wanted to go a little farther away from it. Humans have developed the need to travel and explore, especially Millennials—having the tools and skills made by technology, making travel as accessible and comfortable than ever. This has resulted in travel companies and hotels accommodations to resurrect their branding, marketing strategies, and perks, to meet their needs who yearn for authentic local experiences. Nowadays, Millennials are using a range of peer-to-peer booking sites and services for room-sharing to completely enjoy an interconnected and meaningful experience of that you can get as a local in the local environment.

Millennials Have a Different Definition of Work/Life Balance

Nowadays, we can evidently see that plenty of Millennials grew up traveling more frequently and they expect to go on a vacation at least once a year and more. From the time of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers the opportunity to travel was at the dawn of adulthood. These generations did not grow up journeying all over the world, so they view international travel as much more of a rare, valuable treat to reward themselves once a year.

Older generations believed that they have to prioritize more their social and financial stability. They usually worry about the looks of taking off time to travel multiple times in a 12-month period, particularly when there is a job that needs to be done at home and in their careers. On the other hand, Millennials view vacations as equally fun and a necessity to relax and revitalize.

Millennials Value the Experience

Millennials who have their own homes has been decreasing since the start of this past decade. They would rather spend their time and money to travel the world instead of getting tied to a home with a long-lasting mortgage. A survey conducted by Realty Mogul found out that 47 percent of Millennials would rather be satisfied to use their money wandering the world than purchase a new house. That weighs up to 25 percent of those who are 45 and older.

Millennials truly see experiences and memories as something that they should value more rather than spending all of their money over a designer sweater. In fact, other surveys have proved that Millennials would choose to spend their money on an event or an experience than an item.

Social Media Makes it Easy To Find Trips

Technology has made it possible for Millennials to developed an advanced language of communication and way of sharing through the help of online platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These are great places for young people to learn about the parts of the world they want to visit.

When they log in to Facebook, they see numerous pictures posted by their friends about their recent travels or to Instagram that does not only allow their friends to share their vacation images, but marketers have also made their way to allure them to book a vacation and inform them about special travel deals.

However, the drawback to this is that traveling Millennials tend to become dependent on sharing their experiences on public platforms. Some of them become more compulsive to share online which has turned to what we call ‘bragtagging’, a phenomenon where they feel they are required to share for the sake of showing off more than anything else.

Millennials Favor Careers that Allow Them to Travel

In contrast to Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, Millennials have a high priority with how they view their jobs. For Millennials, their jobs should be a way for them to enjoy their life and they don’t want to spend more than their allotted hours each week just to earn plenty of money. Also, they want their jobs to be more essentially included in their lives, enabling them to live in the way they want, either in a big house or perpetually on the road.

Normally, Millennials want a more balance time at work and off work more than the previous generations. They tend to choose careers or roles that will permit them to easily set the parameters of their work/life situation.

Millennials do like to give in to full-blown wanderlust. Do you agree? Comment down below and share with us your favorite destination!

Ivandrea Ollero

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