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What are the Rules for Changing Airplane Seats

Are You Aware of the Proper Etiquette for Swapping Airplane Seats?

Most travelers are unaware that there is a set etiquette for swapping airplane seats. Can you move to an empty seat on a flight? You most probably can. Is it illegal to switch seats on a plane? Well, no, but changing airline seats is a bit tricky. If you wish to know the rules and the best time to change airline seats, this is just for you. Also, if you’re wondering how to ask someone to switch seats on a plane, it will depend on the type of seat and the type of passenger occupying it. Let’s take a look at some proper etiquette for swapping airplane seats for an in-depth look into the subject.

What are the Rules for Changing Airplane Seats?

Rules for Changing Airline Seats:

The etiquette for swapping airplane seats applies regardless of whether you’re on a planned holiday or boarding last minute flights. These are good tips for solo travelers as well as those traveling in a group. You should also know that while it’s alright in some cases to switch airline seats, refusing to switch seats airplane is a right as well. Now, let’s take a close look at the rules for swapping airplane seats.

Rule 1: Generally, only an equivalent or better seat exchanges must be offered. You may ask someone to swap their aisle seat with yours if you wish to sit closer to your travel companions. But you cannot expect to offer someone a middle seat in exchange for their aisle seat without a solid excuse. Air travel is not easy for all passengers on board. You simply cannot sit wherever you want. It’s not the proper etiquette for swapping airplane seats.

Rule 2:  If you notice that the flight is not full, you can consider swapping seats only after you’ve gained permission from the flight attendant to do so. Ask him/her to point out the unclaimed airplane seats. Make your move once they say it’s okay to do so. Chances are, you won’t be the only passenger trying to take advantage of unclaimed seats. So, tread carefully. This is an important etiquette for swapping airplane seats.

Rule 3: Remember that there are seating restrictions in place for passengers with limited mobility, unaccompanied minors, and those traveling with infants, etc. So, you will simply be wasting time trying to swap with people who fall in these categories. Not only is this improper etiquette for swapping airplane seats, but it will also show you in poor light. Really, who would ask an already nervous unaccompanied minor to swap seats and get more uncomfortable?

Rule 4: Can you swap seats on a plane business class? Well, if you’re seated in Economy, then no. Why would someone who has booked business class flights want to swap with you and travel in Economy? There’s a difference between and an upgrade and a seat swap. If someone has paid a high price for a First or Business class seat, they deserve to be seated there and have the right to say no. But if you’re traveling in Business Class as well, you should have a good reason for asking them to swap.

Rule 5: If you have a very tight connection and are afraid you may miss it, you can consider asking someone to swap seats with you. However, they have the right for refusing to switch seat airplane. Also, you may not be the only one with an extremely short layover. Thereby, have consideration and understanding for your fellow passengers in case they’re not interested in changing airline seats.

Rule 6: An important etiquette for swapping airplane seats is to have regard for your co-passengers. For instance, if you’re chaperoning a large group of youngsters on a school or college trip, you have a moral obligation to switch seats. You need to find an equivalent nearby your group so that you can keep an eye on them. No one deserves to sit amidst the noisy bunch and have a disturbed flight journey.

Rule 7: Never take someone else’s seat without asking. It’s not just improper etiquette for swapping airplane seats, it’s also downright rude. You don’t want to be the self-centered passenger that gets on everybody’s nerves. Also, you should never give someone else’s seat away to get your hands on a seat that you covet. Is this rude? It absolutely is. Is it wrong? You bet it is. Just don’t do it.

Rule 8: NEVER, we repeat, NEVER stand in the airplane aisle shouting about wanting to swap your seat. To say this is improper etiquette for swapping airplane seats will be an understatement. It will just put people off and reduce your chances of actually being able to change airline seats. The next time you book international flights, keep this important rule in mind. Don’t stand in the airplane aisle and block the way for other passengers who are trying to board the plane.

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